Why is LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning?

Why is LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning? (Fixes)

An LG washing machine may make noise during spinning due to an unbalanced load. If the machine is overloaded, try removing some items and running the cycle again.

LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning? 

When an LG washing machine is making noise during spinning, it could be due to various reasons. One common cause is an unbalanced load. Overloading the machine may result in excessive bouncing and noise.

To fix this issue, try removing some items to balance the load and run the cycle again. Additionally, check for any loose components or foreign objects in the drum that might be causing the noise.

LG Front Loader Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

If your LG front loader is making noise during its spin cycle, here are the potential causes and sound types:

1. Unbalanced Laundry Load or Overload 

Noise Type: Thumping or Banging Sound

Cause: Overloading the washing machine or uneven distribution of laundry in the drum can lead to an unbalanced load.

Fix: Remove some items from the load to achieve a balanced distribution. Ensure that clothes are evenly spread in the drum to prevent excessive movement during the spin cycle.

2. Worn Out Shock Absorbers 

Noise Type: Banging Sound

Cause: Shock absorbers dampen vibrations during the spin cycle, but when worn out, they can no longer effectively absorb shocks, resulting in a banging sound.

Fix: Inspect the shock absorbers for signs of wear or damage. If found faulty, replace them with new ones following the manufacturer’s guidelines. This should restore proper vibration control during operation.

3. Loose Foreign Objects 

Noise Type: Grinding or Rattling Sound

Cause: Foreign objects, such as coins or buttons, may be trapped in the drum or pump, causing grinding or rattling noises during the spin cycle.

Fix: Carefully inspect the drum and pump for any foreign objects. Remove any items found to eliminate the source of the noise and prevent potential damage to the washing machine components.

4. Damaged Drive Pulley

Noise Type: High-Pitched Sound

Cause: A damaged or worn-out drive pulley, which connects to the motor and aids in spinning the drum, can produce a high-pitched sound during operation.

Fix: Inspect the drive pulley for visible signs of damage or wear. If identified, replace the drive pulley following the manufacturer’s recommendations. This should eliminate the high-pitched noise and restore normal operation.

5. Rusty Tub Bearing

Noise Type: Grinding Sound

Cause: Over time, tub bearings can rust, leading to friction and a grinding sound during the spin cycle.

Fix: If the noise is attributed to a rusty tub bearing, replacement is often necessary. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific washing machine model to carry out the replacement process and restore smooth operation.

Why does my LG washer make noise during the spin cycle?

Why does my LG washer make noise during the spin cycle?

Several reasons could contribute to your LG washer making noise during the spin cycle. Here are common causes and potential solutions:

Unbalanced Load

Cause: Loading the machine unevenly or overloading it can result in an unbalanced load, leading to excessive vibrations and noise.

Solution: Ensure the laundry load is distributed evenly in the drum and avoid overloading. Remove or rearrange items to achieve a balanced load.

Loose Components

Cause: Loose nuts, bolts, or other components within the machine, such as the agitator or drum, can generate rattling or banging noises.

Solution: Inspect the machine for loose parts and tighten them securely. Pay attention to the agitator, drum, and other moving components.

Worn or Faulty Bearings

Cause: Worn-out bearings can produce a rumbling or roaring sound during the spin cycle.

Solution: If bearings are the issue, they may need replacement. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional assistance.

Damaged Drive Belt

Cause: A damaged or worn drive belt can result in a high-pitched squealing sound.

Solution: Inspect the drive belt for wear or damage. Replace it if necessary following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Foreign Objects in the Drum

Cause: Objects such as coins, buttons, or small items caught in the drum can cause scraping or rattling noises.

Solution: Check the drum for foreign objects and remove them to prevent noise and potential damage.

Issues with Shock Absorbers or Suspension Springs

Cause: Damaged or worn shock absorbers or suspension springs can lead to excessive bouncing or wobbling.

Solution: Inspect and replace any faulty shock absorbers or springs to stabilize the drum during spinning.

Damaged Motor Mounts

Cause: Loose or damaged motor mounts can contribute to rattling or vibrating sounds.

Solution: Check and tighten motor mounts or replace them if needed.

Why is my washing machine making a loud noise while spinning?

Why is my washing machine making a loud noise while spinning?

A washing machine making a loud noise during the spin cycle can be attributed to various factors. One common cause is an unbalanced load, where too many clothes are stuffed into the machine, leading to bouncing and racket.

Ensuring a balanced distribution of the laundry inside the drum and avoiding overloading can often resolve this issue. Additionally, loose components within the machine, such as nuts, bolts, or damaged drive belts, may generate rattling or squealing sounds.

Worn-out bearings can contribute to a rumbling or roaring noise, while foreign objects caught in the drum might result in scraping or rattling sounds. Problems with shock absorbers, suspension springs, or motor mounts can lead to vibrations and unusual noises.

Identifying the specific cause of the noise and addressing it accordingly, whether through simple adjustments or component replacements, can help restore a quieter and more efficient washing machine operation.

Why is my LG washer making a humming noise?

A humming noise from your LG washer can be indicative of various issues within the machine. One common cause is a malfunction in the drain pump. If there is an obstruction or the pump is faulty, it might struggle to drain water efficiently, producing a humming sound.

Another possibility is a problem with the motor, possibly due to a malfunction or overload. In such cases, the motor may emit a humming noise without initiating the expected spinning or agitating action.

Additionally, issues with the belt, such as slipping or wear, could lead to a humming sound during the wash or spin cycles. To address the humming noise, it’s recommended to check for any visible obstructions in the drain pump, inspect the motor and belt for signs of wear or damage, and ensure that the machine is not overloaded. 

How do I clean the filter on my LG washer drain pump?

How do I clean the filter on my LG washer drain pump?

Cleaning the filter on the drain pump of your LG washer is an essential maintenance task to ensure proper functionality and prevent issues. Here’s a general guide on how to clean the filter:

  1. Turn Off the Washer: Before performing any maintenance, ensure that your washing machine is unplugged or switched off to ensure safety.
  2. Locate the Drain Pump Filter: The drain pump and its filter are typically located behind an access panel on the front of the washing machine. Consult your user manual for the specific location of the filter on your LG model.
  3. Prepare for Water Drainage: Place a shallow pan or towel beneath the filter area to catch any water that may come out during the cleaning process.
  4. Open the Access Panel: Remove the access panel covering the drain pump. This may involve unscrewing or releasing clips, depending on your washer model.
  5. Access the Drain Pump Filter: Once the access panel is removed, you’ll find the drain pump and filter. The filter is usually a round or rectangular knob that can be turned counterclockwise to open.
  6. Drain Excess Water: Slowly turn the filter knob counterclockwise to open it. Be prepared for water to flow out. Allow the water to drain into the pan or towel you’ve placed underneath.
  7. Remove and Clean the Filter: Pull out the filter and inspect it for debris, lint, or foreign objects. Clean the filter under running water or using a soft brush to remove any accumulated residue.
  8. Check the Pump Cavity: Use a flashlight to inspect the pump cavity for any additional debris. Remove any foreign objects that may have lodged in the pump.
  9. Reassemble the Filter: Once the filter is clean, place it back into the pump and secure it by turning it clockwise.
  10. Close the Access Panel: Put the access panel back in place and secure it. Make sure it is tightly closed to prevent any leaks.
  11. Run a Test Cycle: Run a short wash or rinse cycle to ensure that the washing machine is draining properly and that there are no leaks.


Q: Why is my LG washing machine making a loud banging noise during the spin cycle?

A: This could be due to an unbalanced load. Try removing some items and ensuring a balanced distribution within the drum.

Q: What causes a high-pitched squealing sound in my LG washer during spinning?

A: A damaged or worn drive belt may be the culprit. Inspect the belt for signs of wear and consider replacement if necessary.

Q: My LG washing machine produces a grinding noise during spinning. What could be the issue?

A: This may indicate a problem with the tub bearings. If worn or rusty, they might need replacement for smoother operation.

Q: What should I do if my LG front loader is making a clicking or clanking sound during spinning?

A: Check the agitator dogs for wear. If they are damaged, consider replacing them to eliminate the noise.

Q: Why does my LG top load washer make a rattling noise during the spin cycle?

A: Loose components, such as nuts or bolts, could be the cause. Inspect and tighten any loose parts to resolve the issue.

Q: Can a foreign object in the drum cause noise during spinning in my LG washer?

A: Yes, items like coins or buttons can lead to scraping or rattling sounds. Check the drum for foreign objects and remove them.

Q: My LG washer is vibrating excessively during spinning. How can I fix this issue?

A: Check the shock absorbers and suspension springs for damage. Replace any faulty components to stabilize the drum.

Q: Why is my LG washing machine making a humming noise during spinning?

A: A humming noise may indicate a problem with the drain pump, motor, or belt. Inspect these components for issues and address accordingly.

Q: What role do motor mounts play in the noise my LG washer makes during spinning?

A: Loose or damaged motor mounts can contribute to rattling or vibrating sounds. Inspect and tighten them or replace if necessary.

Q: Is it normal for an LG washer to make some noise during the spin cycle, or should I be concerned?

A: While some noise is normal, excessive or unusual sounds may indicate an issue. Regularly check for unbalanced loads, foreign objects, and wear on components to maintain optimal performance. If concerns persist, consult the user manual or seek professional assistance.

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